The Story of Pure

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The story of pure

Life is not what it seems... A writer becomes infatuated with a character trapped within a dark sinister world.  While progressing through the story, she begins to notice strange occurrences.  First, a note that mirrors the events of a recent nightmare. Then, a business card from an art gallery she doesn't remember visiting.

If things weren't upside down enough, she then finds out someone has been  taking credit for her work.

As the surrounding puzzles unfold, she begins to question her own identity which, leads her towards her ultimate truth.

The Story of Pure isn't just a story.  It's a testament into the psyche of artists, as they forge their way through the creative process.  It is about moving beyond our illusion and embracing the darkness so we may see the light.

With a single whisper "If you ever get too lost in the grey,
I'll be your wings."

The Contents of The story of pure

an Auditory experience LIke no other

The Story

Orchestral Narration (MP3)

  • Story Part One (25:46)
  • Story Part Two (23:56)
  • Story Part Three (14:48)
  • Story Part Four (19:47)
  • Story Part Five (21:30)
  • *Composer Edition (Over 90 minutes of orchestral atmospheric score from The Story of Pure. See below)


PDF Script/Atmospheric MP3

  • Prologue
  • From Me to Us
  • A Light Within
  • Touch of the Divine
  • Intervention
  • Essence Nature Atmospheric (19.01)

About adam

adam king the creator of the tessera method

Adam King is a visionary and leader in transformational personal development.   He is the creator of The Tessera Method as well as many other programs and experiential works. His work has included some of the most cutting edge psychological and auditory scenarios known in the personal development space. This is accomplished through the use of specialized scenarios, stories and plots, sound effects, atmospheric soundscapes and incredibly lush and powerful musical arrangements.   Adam also teaches logical and emotional reasoning through the application of what he calls Parallel Awareness, which is the clearest benefit of The Tessera Method.
He is married and has two children, who continue to inspire many of the worlds and expressions in which he creates.


Two Complete Packages IN ONE

original NOW Includes composer edition

Story of Pure

  • The Narrated Story
  • Story Part One (25:46)
  • Story Part Two (23:56)
  • Story Part Three (14:48)
  • Story Part Four (19:47)
  • Story Part Five (21:30)
  • Group Gathering Ebook Transcript
  • Essence Nature Atmospheric (19.01)


Instant Download

Original Story of Pure PLUS Composer Edition

Composer Edition

  • Composer Edition Contents
  • The Music Behind The Story
  • *Story Score One (25:46)
  • *Story Score Two (23:56)
  • *Story Score Three (14:48)
  • *Story Score Four (19:47)
  • *Story Score Five (21:30)
  • * Includes over 90 minutes of additional orchestral music without Adam's narration.

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